We strive to provide accessible and innovative solutions
that protect and strengthen your business,
giving you the comprehensive support
and guidance you need.

Mission & vision

We bring together some of the most experienced and talented people in the industry and are committed to improving standards across the emergency power landscape through reliable and efficient delivery of all our services.

Our honest and helpful approach in working with our clients is a welcome and refreshing change for many. We evaluate clients’ needs based on facts and present them with no fuss, no frills and no nonsense.

The inspirer of PK Solutions is Thibaut Marescau and he guarantees ‘a straightforward‘ approach. Well known within the energy security industry, Thibaut has worked in the heart of the UPS market for more than 30 years – with UPS manufacturers, resellers, service providers, technicians and, above all, customers all over the world.



25 years of experience