Finding it difficult to find replacement batteries for your UPS? Do you know which batteries you need?

We stock replacement batteries for APC UPS, Legrand UPS, Socomec UPS, Eaton UPS and many other popular brands of Uninterruptible Power Supply, and we are also NPP, BB and Monbat Approved distributor and offer a whole range of batteries.

For larger UPS systems, we offer an on-site battery replacement service for all major UPS manufacturers, including removal and safe disposal of the old UPS batteries.

NPP and BB produce small and medium-sized batteries, whereas Monbat produces batteries for UPS systems ranging from medium units to large installations.

NPP and Monbat UPS batteries support critical infrastructure and provide a reliable backup power source for some of the world’s most essential equipment and technologies.

As a leading battery distributor, we can help you if you need help selecting or fitting your replacement battery.

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