If used incorrectly, a UPS system can become a single point of failure. To allow uninterrupted switching for UPS maintenance or emergency isolation, we provide a full-round maintenance bypass switch. This can include switching devices for incoming power supply, UPS input and output isolation, generator switching and output distribution.

All bypass switches built by PK Solutions are equipped with safety interlocks to prevent incorrect switching.

A standby generator is essential for sites prone to longer power outages (hours or days). PK solutions supplies diesel generator sets with an open frame or acoustic and weatherproof canopy with associated changeover system (ATS), which can be mounted on the generator or incorporated into the building distribution. We can recommend specifications or build a generator with your preferred engine, alternator and controller.

UPS systems, generators and reversing switches all now come with options for in-depth monitoring and control. PK Solutions supplies and installs accessories for existing or new build sites, including voltage-free contact monitoring, network LAN monitoring, SNMP protocol), RS232 or RS485 MODBUS monitoring, remote emergency power off (EPO), remote control or mimic indicator panels and GPS modem signalling and alarms.

If you want to monitor more than just the UPS, you can also use Vutlan , which allows you to monitor environmental parameters and take the necessary measures in the event of certain events.

Think e.g. water leak,temperature or humidity out of tolerance,….

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