UPS installation

When planning the electrical UPS installation for a large project or a data room installation, it is crucial that communication between the various contractors and the customer is not hindered by self-interest; The customer’s interest should be the main motive.

Installing an emergency power system in an existing or new building can require many specialised skills, which are not always available through a conventional electrician. When installing a generator and UPS system, many technical considerations need to be well thought out and planned, for example:

  • Where can switchgear be placed for maximum benefit?
  • What kind of cooling is needed to maintain maximum efficiency and extend battery life?
  • Where should the UPS be placed to maximise space?
  • What kind of access is needed for maintenance?
  • What smoke extraction, if any, is needed for the generator?
  • What is the best type of data communication for both the generator and the UPS?
  • Which type of UPS is best suited for use with an existing generator?

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