Analysis & advice

Research, reporting, project recommendations, efficiency calculations and complete electrical installation for the provision of total UPS solutions.

UPS site surveys and environmental checks available nationwide at short notice without a contract.

A UPS is permanently connected to the power grid and provides power to equipment of vital importance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout its lifetime. Unnecessary losses due to an improperly sized UPS or an outdated UPS can cost users thousands of euros in wasted electricity.

An examination of the current UPS load, along with the associated electrical infrastructure, will reveal where users can make improvements to the overall operation of their system.

A site survey or efficiency audit can be carried out on site by a technician without interruption or risk to the critical load.  The user will then receive a detailed report for consideration or further discussion.

When planning the electrical installation for a large project or a data room installation, it is crucial

that communication between the various contractors and the client is not hindered by self-interest; the client’s interests should be the main motive.

Installing an emergency power system in an existing or new building can require many specialised skills, which are not always available through a conventional electrician. When installing a generator and UPS system, many technical considerations need to be well thought out and planned, for example:

  • Where can switchgear be placed for maximum benefit?
  • What kind of cooling is needed to maintain maximum efficiency and extend battery life?
  • Where should the UPS be placed to maximise space?
  • What kind of access is needed for maintenance?
  • What smoke extraction, if any, is needed for the generator?
  • What is the best type of data communication for both the generator and the UPS?
  • Which type of UPS is best suited to use with an existing generator?

We offer a wide range of on-site tests and surveys to analyse any power problems and determine the best power protection solution for your organisation. Our expert technicians conduct inspections of electrical wiring and collect device data, such as power consumption, load size, grid power and harmonic contamination. We then prepare a detailed report with actionable recommendations.

For sites where a UPS is already installed, our site surveys offer essential advice on optimising your system. They help determine whether components such as batteries, capacitors and fans need replacing. And if you are planning to expand, our power surveys can help you determine the size and efficiency of your UPS.

For new UPS installations, a site survey will cover key areas such as logistics, electrical installation, commissioning, training and ongoing UPS maintenance.

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